3 Famous Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring is powerful! Hands down, anyone who wants to move on in life or business, to achieve greater things, make a bigger impact and perform at a higher level, needs to find the right mentor for themselves. Someone who will be there for you and guide you through roadblocks that you would never anticipate alone.… Continue reading 3 Famous Mentoring Relationships

Say Hello to Mentorly Enterprise!

Co-founders Katherine Macnaughton and Ashley Werhun. Photo by Martin Reisch.

        An announcement from the Founders of Mentorly This week, we launched Mentorly Enterprise, a solution designed to empower HR professionals, program managers, and community leaders to create impactful and scalable mentorship programs. Mentorly Enterprise has been flying under the radar for a few years, even while our enterprise clients have been loving it across North… Continue reading Say Hello to Mentorly Enterprise!

Ben Von Wong – An Artist and Influencer Changing the World One Snap at a Time

It’s undeniable that social influencers have been taking the world by storm. They are known to have large global audiences, build strong communities, travel across the world, partner with companies, sign-on to brand deals and provide online content for social media platforms. In other words, they are powerful. For many, with this power comes responsibility… Continue reading Ben Von Wong – An Artist and Influencer Changing the World One Snap at a Time