Setting Boundaries to Ensure Success

By Thanasis Papapostolou In my work as a mentor and coach, much time is spent discussing setting boundaries around work and personal life. Without clear boundaries, your success can be systematically undermined. On a deeper level, setting unclear boundaries sends the message, to yourself and others, that your personal time is worthless, which can ultimately… Continue reading Setting Boundaries to Ensure Success

Savannah Britt – PR and Branding Expert

Savannah Britt

We had the opportunity to chat with Savannah Britt, a candid and generous mentor with expertise in PR and Branding. Savannah has helped shape the identities of major talent and brands across the fashion and music spaces. She got her start at age twelve, when she founded Girlpez Fashion Magazine, a publication focused on fashion, beauty,… Continue reading Savannah Britt – PR and Branding Expert

3 Ways to Recover Your Confidence

Photo by Allie Smith c/of Unsplash

Self-confidence is one of the most important components to success and happiness. Say you have an important interview and you already think you have lesser chances with so many candidates applying to the same position. The manager asks you to deliver an unexpected presentation and you panic! How can you believe in yourself more in… Continue reading 3 Ways to Recover Your Confidence

How to Strike the Right Work Balance in the Summer

Working from home can be extremely beneficial. You’ve got a more flexible schedule, you don’t have to spend x hours a day commuting to work, and you can take any professional call from the quiet and comfort of your home, while still wearing your PJ bottoms! Sure – working from home is pretty sweet, but… Continue reading How to Strike the Right Work Balance in the Summer

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew – Author, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Entrepreneur

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew - Circle of Stones Book Launch

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew is no stranger to the world of writing, publishing, and journalism. She’s written and been published in dozens of magazines, papers, blogs and journals, is an editor for Canadian literary magazine, Taddle Creek, and – AND! – has written her own novel, Circle of Stones. We wonder if Suzanne is ever at a loss… Continue reading Suzanne Alyssa Andrew – Author, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Entrepreneur

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. It’s something new we’re trying out. We at Mentorly 💛 artists. I mean, we ARE artists. That’s why we started this whole thing – to help artists succeed.  So, we wanted to take that even further and use this blog to talk to you a little more about the business side of… Continue reading Hello world!

Our Story

COO Katherine Macnaughton (left) & CEO Ashley Werhun (right) / Photo by Martin Reisch

Mentorly is the very loved brainchild of two women artist-entrepreneurs who, through personal experience and pain points echoed by hundreds of artists, sought to make arts mentorship more intentional, accessible, and immediate. They created Mentorly to bridge the gap in education, offering artists ‘real world’ guidance and, ultimately, contributing to a more vibrant art community.… Continue reading Our Story

School’s Not Enough

School may be in, but you need a little more than theory and top grades to get ahead. Consider connecting with a mentor who’s doing what you want to do and who can show you the way. Wondering the kind of guidance you can expect? How about feedback on work, career guidance, professional contacts, and… Continue reading School’s Not Enough