3 Ways to Recover Your Confidence

Photo by Allie Smith c/of Unsplash

Self-confidence is one of the most important components to success and happiness. Say you have an important interview and you already think you have lesser chances with so many candidates applying to the same position. The manager asks you to deliver an unexpected presentation and you panic! How can you believe in yourself more in just a few simple steps?

Write Down and Visualize Your Story

When you were a student, you often wrote your lessons down in a notebook for easy reference and it helped. Do the same with your own story. During the day, memories of your past may pop into your head, but they are disjointed and often unfocused. The exercise I propose is to create a simple table with the most important moments that were empowering and filled you with positivity as well as the more negative moments, the lows.

This way, you have a solid picture of your story that you can refer back to at any time. This exercise will also help you pinpoint and understand those really important moments and how you have evolved through them.

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Based on the above exercise, you will understand that everything you are today, you owe it to your past. You have survived bad moments, and what you may once have perceived as mistakes, are in fact edifying events that led you to where you are and are quite insignificant if you think about them. Do not look to the past with regret, but rather be proud of your achievements and your ability to overcome difficult situations. This is your story, your whole story!

Burn Your bridges

You will usually hear the opposite: ‘Don’t burn your bridges!’ If you keep in touch with people who are hurting you or sapping your positivity without good cause, say to maintain your social standing, think again. Instead of looking to cold past connections, interact with people who drive you forward and don’t hold you back. Don’t be afraid to cut any bond that stifles your personal growth. It’s very simple and you definitely don’t need an excuse!

How’s your confidence feeling now?

By Thanasis Papostolou