How To: A Guide to Starting Your Own Mentorship Program

Creating and managing a mentorship program is a complex project, but Mentorly makes it a breeze! With digital solutions that save you time, help track and manage engagement and provide you with data and reporting on everything you need.

So, is it possible to create your own customizable mentorship program? YES, indeed!

Mentorly makes mentorship accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We’re a dedicated solution that supports and structures all of your mentorship needs – all in one place! By using Mentorly’s platform, program managers can customize and manage their mentorship program from A to Z, all in the goal of making it the most beneficial experience for mentors and mentees. From Smart Matching to Live Data Tracking, program managers can rest easy from all the hassle that comes from creating matches and scheduling sessions. With all the time they save, they can focus on the results and impact of the program.

So what should a Program Manager do before launching their own mentorship program? We’ve put together a Pre-Launch Playbook with a step-by-step guide to make it easier for program managers. There are five crucial steps to launching an impactful mentorship program. We’ve broken down these steps into, Mentorly’s “PLAN IT” Guidelines. 

Program Structure





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