CMI launches nation wide Mentorship Program with Mentorly


A couple of years back, it would have been almost impossible to run a mentorship program online. The software, the tools and infrastructure simply did not exist to support it from A to Z. Now, it’s safe to say that it’s a breeze. At Mentorly, we provide digital solutions that enable organizations to drive impact through mentorship and learning programs. We power online mentorship programs for organizations like Canada’s Music Incubator.

CMI is a Toronto-based national not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing customized, hands-on creative and entrepreneurial development for emerging artists, artist managers and industry professionals. In doing so, they recognize that being accessible for ongoing mentorship is critical in helping creative entrepreneurs successfully build sustainable businesses and careers. 

There is no doubt that this global pandemic has transformed our lives. It has shifted the infrastructure of work, education and drastically affected our day-to-day activities. Studies show that in 2020, more individuals than ever wanted a mentor, and more organizations are trying to provide mentoring in the workplace as a learning and development initiative. Not only does a mentor stimulate our personal and professional growth but having access to a support system that is familiar with our journey is crucial to guide you through difficult times and decision-making. 

CMI specializes in professional development and live events for artists, managers, and music companies. Since 2012, CMI has supported 1,200+ emerging creative entrepreneurs, across all musical genres, in the development of long-term careers and sustainable businesses. CMI has also provided 10,500+ hours of professional development programs and one-on-one mentorship.

One of their programs, CMI 1 on 1 is a Mentorship Program proudly powered by Mentorly.CMI 1 on 1 is dedicated to making mentorship services more accessible to Canadian artists, managers and music industry professionals by eliminating the barriers of time, travel and cost. It provides creatives and entrepreneurs with direct access to mentors who are eager to help them grow and steer their careers forward. Whether the mentee needs help marketing a new release, registering copyrights, completing a grant application, developing a touring strategy, or negotiating a deal, whatever the mentee’s needs are and no matter how complex, CMI’s mentorship program guides them through this process.



CMI Customized Portal

Vel Omazic, the Co-Founder & Executive Director at CMI has put his heart into developing artists, managers and building CMI to what it is today. Vel worked for major labels and is well versed in all areas of general business and the music industry. He was a Promotions & Media Relations executive at Sony Music for 10 years and also got a start at PolyGram Records. 

Since mentorship is at the core of what we do, CMI’s partnership with Mentorly is a perfect fit. Our organization is afforded the freedom to focus entirely on the music entrepreneurs we serve, while trusting Mentorly to provide the right environment with flexible service and highly-responsive support. Having launched with Mentorly just in advance of the COVID-19 outbreak, CMI was in a position to quickly shift our focus to online programs, generate new business and keep our employees working during the crisis.” Vel Omazic, Co-Founder & Executive Director at CMI

Thinking of building a mentorship program for your community?

Mentorly powers existing mentorship programs & tailors custom programs. Whether you’re looking to connect your team, organization or large network, it will provide you with customized digital solutions that best fit your community. 

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