Prince’s Trust Canada uses Mentorly to Scale Mentorship

Prince’s Trust Canada partners with Mentorly to Efficiently Connect Veterans with Entrepreneurial Mentors



Who is Prince’s Trust Canada?

The national charity is on a mission to empower young people and Veterans to build resilient, future-ready communities. Their programs help military Veterans overcome barriers to entrepreneurship and find meaningful employment for a sustainable future.

Mentorship is mission-critical to Prince’s Trust Canada, and the communities it serves. These lasting connections made through mentorship empower young people and military Veterans in Canada to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship, become successful entrepreneurs and build future-proof communities.



The Challenge

Febbie Shikongo, Manager, Mentoring and External Engagement at Prince’s Trust Canada, is aware that implementing a mentorship program is one thing. Scaling it is another.

As you know, mentoring programs are inherently admin heavy often resulting in bottlenecks and drying out the program’s momentum and ability to grow and scale.” 

As Prince’s Trust Canada prepared to scale its mentorship program, it sought to leverage software tools to improve the program in 4 key areas.

  • Efficiency

Reducing the amount of work for program administrators and facilitators allows for more rapid growth and expansion, without additional resources. By leveraging software to improve the efficiency of its mentorship program, Prince’s Trust Canada hoped to establish a stable system that would permit maximum growth.

  • Professionalism

Maintaining a high standard of service for both mentors and mentees was essential for any solution Prince’s Trust Canada considered. Its goal was to increase the level of professional service for everyone using the platform.

  • Human Relationships

Efficiency and service are important, but Prince’s Trust Canada was not willing to sacrifice the human element of the relationships it fosters. It went in search of a technology solution that would grow a robust and healthy community among its users. 

  • Data

Tracking and measuring results is essential at scale. The mentorship system needed to be able to deliver insights that could be used to improve and tweak the program over time.


The Solution

The Mentorly Platform offers all of the features that Prince’s Trust Canada was looking for and more. With a robust, reliable and community-focused platform, excellent UI/UX, and well-developed software that is trusted by the City of Seattle as well as major companies like CMI, P&G and Vinetta, Startup Canada and more, Mentorly was an ideal fit.

After a long selection process including many meetings, trials, demo sessions, and internal deliberations, Prince’s Trust Canada chose to use Mentorly.



With the tools provided by the Mentorly platform, Prince’s Trust Canada is scaling and growing its mentorship program with ease and control. It can deliver the same level of human-focused professional service to both mentors and mentees while adding efficiency, scalability, and the power of data. Prince’s Trust Canada is particularly delighted with one Mentorly feature: the elegant dashboard that makes it easy and intuitive to derive data insights in real-time.

We were impressed with Mentorly’s platform for its attractive platform interface, its admin dashboard and sophistication with real-time insight and mentoring impact” – Febbie Shikongo

With Mentorly, Prince’s Trust Canada has access to a powerful suite of tools to facilitate their mentorship program. The attractive and sophisticated dashboard makes managing these tools simple. It brings all of the functionality of the Mentorly platform right to their fingertips. Mentorly’s innovative spirit and its commitment to quarterly updates that constantly improve the software and upgrade the experiences are important to Prince’s Trust Canada, as it continues to improve its services.  After choosing Mentorly, Prince’s Trust Canada was able to improve and scale its mentorship program, improving in 4 key areas.

  • Efficiency

Mentorly is saving Prince’s Trust Canada administrative hours at the same time as it is increasing the organization’s capacity to grow and scale reliably. The administrative bottlenecks that plague mentorship programs are removed with Mentorly’s efficient management tools.

  • Professionalism

Prince’s Trust Canada delivers a higher level of professional service to both mentors and mentees, with increased consistency and reliability using Mentorly. It can now use a range of tools including Smart Matching, a manager portal and progress insights, and program announcements and mass messaging to deliver consistent professional service to users. 

  • Human Relationships

A mentorship program should bring people together. With Mentorly, Prince’s Trust Canada was able to grow its mentorship program while retaining the personal, human feel that allows these kinds of relationships to thrive. With in-app video conferencing, chat, and messaging, as well as integrations with Google and Outlook and options for one-on-one, group sessions, or masterclasses, Mentorly makes it natural and comfortable to connect. 

  • Data

Live data and insights allow Prince’s Trust Canada to make informed decisions to improve their service in real-time. With an intuitive and sophisticated dashboard, these insights are easily available and actionable. 


As Prince’s Trust Canada’s mentorship program scales, it is happy to be in partnership with an organization that shares its values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. As a Canadian company that is owned by two female entrepreneurs, Mentorly embodies the spirit of personal empowerment through connection and partnership. An ongoing collaborative relationship is a natural fit. Febbie Shikongo is thrilled with the ways that Mentorly has helped Prince’s Trust Canada grow its mentorship program through improvements in efficiency, professionalism, human relationships, and data. Mentorly’s software tools are empowering stable and reliable growth in Prince’s Trust Canada’s mentorship program, and providing consistent (and consistently improving) service delivery for both mentors and mentees. 

We choose Mentorly because it has superior and well-developed features and its values are aligned with our programming and EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) values.”


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