5 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Photo by Danielle MacInnes

There is no doubt that this global pandemic has transformed our lives. It has shifted the infrastructure of work, education and drastically affected our day-to-day activities. That doesn’t mean we put our lives on hold until “normalcy” resumes though. 

Here are five ways to ensure you’re working on yourself even while we’re being shaken up by a global pandemic. 


Double your odds of success by taking a step back and re-assessing your skills. Ask yourself: “Are these skills aligning with my future career goals? Do I need improvement in a specific area? Is my job promotion depending on it?” 

Many employers rely on you to develop your skillset, so it’s time you hone in on them and gain expertise to develop the soft and hard skills you need to move up the career ladder. Consider outlining your strengths and weaknesses, by doing so, you will be able to take a closer look at your weak points and get a clear vision of what you should be working on to advance your abilities. 


Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to enroll yourself in an online workshop. Social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook are a great start to find workshops hosted by professionals and organizations. Simply find a topic of interest and sign up for an upcoming workshop. 

Workshops are a great way to make new connections and potentially reveal new opportunities to you. Most workshops are free of charge or require a minimal fee to reserve a spot. Linkedin, for instance, connects you with professionals from all over the world. It provides you with access to online workshops within a professional community where you can make new connections and potentially open up career opportunities. While Linkedin is great for professional networking, many people miss out on many other useful resources. 

While this global pandemic has limited in-person networking events, it hasn’t stopped people from finding alternative ways to make new connections. Virtual workshops, networking events, and online seminars are on the rise, giving people endless opportunities to connect. Clubhouse, for example, is a social media app that facilitates auditory communication through audio chat rooms, a new type of social network based on voice where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.


The benefits of mentoring are measured, both for career and personal growth. Studies show that in 2020, more individuals than ever wanted a mentor, and more organizations are trying to provide mentoring in the workplace as a learning and development initiative. Not only does a mentor stimulate our personal and professional growth but having access to a support system that is familiar with our journey is crucial to guide you through difficult times and decision-making.

While attending virtual workshops and taking online courses are great ways to expand your network, in many cases, they don’t provide you with the ability to connect directly with professionals as you would in a mentor-mentee setting. Finding the right mentor is no easy task, which is precisely why Mentorly has removed that barrier with Mentorly Marketplace, providing emerging creatives and entrepreneurs with direct access to international mentors who are eager to help them grow and steer their careers forward. 

From the beginning, pre-Covid times, Mentorly has always believed in the importance of mentorship and the power of digital solutions. Not only does it save time on traveling, but it also provides you with access to mentors from all over the world – ideal for anyone looking to broaden their horizon of opportunity!


Sometimes, taking a mini-break from work, specifically a day or two, can be a great stress reliever. Not only will taking a few days off prevent burnout but there is a higher chance it will improve your level of productivity and motivation, not to mention offer a boost in energy level. 

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), poor mental health has a deleterious effect on a person’s cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social, and relational functioning. Mental strain, exhaustion, and burnout can affect your level of performance at work. 
Spending time away from work will reduce stress and allow you to reboot. Consider taking an online yoga class or following a guided meditation video. Headspace, a mobile app, provides access to all forms of guided meditation. You can try it out for free then subscribe to get full access to their resources. Simple leisure activities like taking a walk or a well-deserved relaxing bath can make a huge difference. Find a hobby of yours and do it. Breaking out of your daily routine is key to unwind from the everyday mess.

Never Stop Learning

You’ve probably heard this one before but knowledge is power. Therefore learning shouldn’t stop after college or university. Continuous learning is the concept of expanding your ability to learn by acquiring more knowledge and gaining new skills to thrive in a changing industry. It’s crucial to keep up with current changes and trends. It can be as simple as joining a webinar or attending a virtual conference – you would be surprised how much a conversation with like-minded individuals stimulates your critical thinking. 

Eventbrite is a great place to find upcoming virtual events. These events vary in time and flexibility, depending on your preference. Some online events take an hour, while others may take the course of a couple of days where you learn new skills. The upside of online events is the flexibility of time and that you get to pick your area of interest.

There are numerous ways to keep yourself informed and continuously learn even when you’re on the go. Try listening to podcasts or audiobooks, it’s a great way to kill time while doing a boring house chore. The possibilities are endless and so are the opportunities if you position yourself properly to attain them!

Photo Credit: Max Van Den Oetelaar via Unsplash

Written by Perry Mourtagy – Mentorly Social Media Manager