2023 Mentors of the Year πŸ†

Recognizing Mentorly’s Mentors of the Year

Mentorship, a cornerstone in professional development, plays a pivotal role in fostering growth within companies and expansive networks. At Mentorly, we understand the significance of mentorship in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. As we proudly unveil the Mentors of the Year for 2023, it’s crucial to delve into the profound impact mentorship has on personal and professional trajectories.

In both corporate settings and extensive networks, mentorship acts as a guiding force, providing invaluable insights, knowledge, and support. Good mentors embody qualities such as empathy, effective communication, and a genuine commitment to their mentees’ success. These mentors serve not only as role models but also as catalysts for positive change, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Mentorly’s Mentors of the Year were chosen after our team compiled data across all programs, emphasizing the number of hours mentors dedicated and the enduring impact they made.

πŸ† First Place – Kezia Preville: Mentor of the Year Award
She mentored 45 times this year, as part of the NudgeUp To Rise Up Mentorship Program

NudgeUp to Rise Up by Nudge CaribbeanΒ is a coaching offering born through conscious listening to our entrepreneurs, recognizing that sometimes all an entrepreneur wants or needs is guidance, insight and support from someone who has successfully walked in their shoes. This coaching offering allows mentees to tap into an invaluable well of business insight while giving expert and peer coaches the opportunity to make a powerful impact on the lives of emerging entrepreneurs.


πŸ₯ˆ Second Place – Anna Chan Mentor of the Year Award
As part of the StartupWomen Mentorship Program by Startup Canada

πŸ₯‰ Third Place – Dallas Barnes Mentor of the Year Award
As part of the StartupWomen Mentorship Program by Startup Canada

The Startup Women program, a transformative initiative powered by Startup Canada, offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to build their network and engage in 1:1 sessions with industry leaders and experts. Entrepreneurs, can book one on one calls Startup Women Leaders, seeking guidance on various aspects of their business development journey, from fundraising strategies to brand positioning and general business coaching. This program stands out by emphasizing on-off calls with leaders, encouraging prepared discussions on specific points. Unlike traditional mentoring support, Startup Women Leaders aims to serve as both a networking opportunity and an educational tool, fostering connections and shared learning. The Startup Women program is powered by Startup Canada, co-presented by The Scotiabank Women Initiative and UPS, and in partnership with BDC, EDC and Mastercard and a community of ecosystem partners.


Congratulations to Kezia, Anna, Dallas, and all our Mentors of the Year who gave back in countless mentorship programs across the globe.

Your dedication exemplifies the transformative power of mentorship, showcasing its ability to shape thriving professionals and interconnected communities. As we celebrate your achievements, let’s continue championing mentorship as a catalyst for collective success and growth. πŸŒŸπŸš€