Everyone is a Mentor and Mentee in new partnership between GBLOCxMENTORLY

GBLOC has simplified individual efforts to build professional relationships thanks to its partnership with Mentorly.

“Mentorship is vital to our community members. They strive for excellence in everything they do, and excellence only happens if we continue to learn and grow ourselves. Mentors are vital for us to do both.” 

What is GBLOC? 

“GBLOC stands for creating a culture of mutual mentorship rooted in values-based action and thinking.”

Members who strive for excellence will learn and grow, achieve their goals, and excel professionally. GBLOC understands that mentorship plays a huge part in this, which is why it has built a vital mentorship program within the community. 

GBLOC is a mutual mentorship community for high-impact leaders, making it easy to find like-minded people or interest-based groups to form meaningful connections. Through this initiative, people aren’t just connecting with those in the same industry; instead, they find others who share similar values, passions, and a commitment to positive change. 

“The community now has over 3300 members across 31 countries and 57% of the community are women. GBLOC stands for creating a culture of mutual mentorship rooted in values-based action and thinking.” 


What Challenges Did GBLOC Face, and How Did Mentorly Help?

GBLOC’s primary aim was to create a network where professionals connect based on shared interests, passions, and common goals. The community helps members build meaningful, professional relationships.

“We started our community on LinkedIn and wished to have a platform of our own to enable us to have more freedom in how we approached community management so we weren’t dependent on an algorithm that we couldn’t directly influence.” 

The Challenge: Mentorship Platform

GBLOC’s journey began on LinkedIn, a popular employment-focused social media platform. While it was a free and effective tool for building professional connections, it posed significant challenges for mentorship. The platform’s algorithm was difficult to navigate, limiting community management. 

Mentorly’s Solution: Community Management and Platform Customization

“What we like most about the product is the thorough and efficient community management functionalities and processes embedded into the platform.” 

Mentorly’s platform enables community members to engage with one another easily. GBLOC and its members no longer need to rely on algorithms to deliver a complete, cohesive message. 

Mentorly’s platform is highly customizable. This enables communities to create an environment that suits their members’ specific needs and wants. It has helped GBLOC and its members stay focused and aligned to their goals in the long run. 

Mentorly also allows communities to decide what its members need to see. As a result, GBLOC members receive timely messages, fostering connections and allowing them to grow to their full potential. It ensures users connect with others with a purpose and that the platform’s algorithm suggests the best possible matches.

The Challenge: Maintaining Connections

The lack of direct influence through one-on-one connections also posed a challenge. GBLOC continually tried to evolve into a community that prioritizes meaningful, professional relationships, but platform limitations made this difficult. 

Mentorly’s Solution: Efficient Processes

“Mentorship not as a transactional or hierarchical relationship but a mutually reciprocal and beneficial one where both people engaged in the relationship are able to grow and learn from one another and have this be the foundational understanding in which both parties enter the relationship.” 

Mentorly has opened boundless opportunities for members to co-create a new kind of mentorship experience. On this platform, mentorship is not a transactional or hierarchical relationship but a mutually beneficial partnership where people grow and learn from one another. Fostering purposeful relationships builds a strong, solid foundation where both parties know what to expect from each other professionally. 

A platform like Mentorly allowed GBLOC to streamline its mentorship processes. Mentorly structured processes ensure that everyone in the community gets equal opportunities to connect and receive information, breaking the old-school ideologies of what a mentorship program is. 

“What is exciting is the opportunity to co-create a new kind of mentorship experience.” 

Mentorly’s functions provided streamlined and optimized mentorship opportunities for GBLOC members. Mentors and mentees communicated effectively through proper scheduling based on availability. This feature made scheduling easier and allowed mentors and mentees to focus on having meaningful and effective sessions.


Mentorly and GBLOC: A Partnership that Builds Connections

GBLOC realized the need for its own platform to help community members build valuable connections and get the correct information at the right time. It would also help members get proper face time with their mentors. The solution was Mentorly. 

“We chose Mentorly because of its world-class customer service, simple and effective user experience, and wealth of resources and functionalities that streamline and enhance the community management process, opportunity to customize the platform, and have extra support to amplify community engagement.” 

As GBLOC grows, this partnership with Mentorly becomes more beneficial. Mentorly is all about personal empowerment and meaningful relationships, which has helped build a community like no other. 

GBLOC, in partnership with Mentorly, has enabled the creation of purposeful profiles, interest-based groups, direct communication, effective mentorship programs, and executive search and project paths.

Mentorly and GBLOC are unlocking a community of professionals together.