Jenny Laroche on How to Be a Triple Threat

Jenny Laroche at the Tony Awards

Jenny Laroche isn’t just a dancer, choreographer, actress & Broadway star… After chatting with her for a 25-minute Instagram Live session, we learned so much more about this multitalented New York City-based artist. Jenny, a Floridian and SUNY Buffalo graduate, has over 15 years of experience in dance. She has performed as a Radio City… Continue reading Jenny Laroche on How to Be a Triple Threat

Dancer Ruth Cheah & Her Mentors

Ruth Cheah by Angela Wong and costume courtesy of @charlesworthballetinstitute (Perth Western Australia)

Working in the arts is an exciting but challenging path. It can take a while to make a name for yourself as a freelance artist, typically requiring trial and error and very hard work. For salaried workers, good jobs can be hard to find and come up once in a blue moon. Not surprising then… Continue reading Dancer Ruth Cheah & Her Mentors

What Happens When You Meet Your Idol…

There’s no stronger bond than the one shared between a mother and daughter. Amanda Hampton, mother of aspiring dancer and mentee, Caroline Hampton, takes her role as mother to a new level; she makes it her mission to assist her daughter in achieving her dreams. Amanda introduced her daughter to Mentorly and together, they have already… Continue reading What Happens When You Meet Your Idol…

Lisa and Mental Health in Dance

This is about to about to get a little heavy. Mental health is a topic that, despite being pretty shrouded in stigma, is finally coming to the forefront of the conversation. Everyone struggles. If not personally then they know someone that does. Obviously, it’s not our area of expertise and we can’t get technical, but… Continue reading Lisa and Mental Health in Dance

Artist Resources

Living and working as an artist isn’t as clear cut as it used to be, and ideas about art and what it means to be an artist are constantly changing. This can make it pretty hard when all you really want is to learn how to improve your art and make money for it. Because… Continue reading Artist Resources