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Living and working as an artist isn’t as clear cut as it used to be, and ideas about art and what it means to be an artist are constantly changing. This can make it pretty hard when all you really want is to learn how to improve your art and make money for it. Because we’re always trying to help out artists, we’ve compiled a list of some valuable mostly online resources which are accessible internationally to help you learn, get out there, and get paid.

☞– This site compiles a list of sources of income and exhibition opportunities for artists all over the world!

☞– A virtual encyclopedia of visual art knowledge! This free(!) resource provides some information about things artists are expected to know, and can be a bit embarrassed to ask. The topics range from shading techniques and descriptions of different inks, to portrait sculpture and how to get your art sold. They also have artist challenges, and links to vetted supplies.

☞ Artsy– This site has pretty much everything an artist would want to know about. They offer articles about art and artists to watch, so that you can stay inspired, news about the art world and they pepper in articles about great artist resources (Mentorly was featured on the site – just saying).

☞ Buffer– Social media is currency now, and internet success doesn’t happen by accident. Buffer can help you run a tight social media ship free of charge.

☞ Instagram– This one seems obvious, but if you’re not on instagram, you’re missing out on a huge tool to help propel your art forwards and gain visibility. This pretty much goes for all social media too.

☞ Headspace– Being an artist can be pretty tough work, and it’s important to keep your mental health in top shape. This app helps you do that through guided meditation.

☞– Us! I mean obviously, we couldn’t not include this site in our list, as it’s a premier way to get tailored advice from acclaimed artists.

☞– Every creative needs an eye-catching portfolio, a set of pictures inside of a binder rarely cuts it anymore. PortfolioBox helps you curate and manage an online portfolio.

☞ Patreon– It’s like Kickstarter but for artists! Create work and invite friends and fans to subscribe to your work for as much or as little as they like in exchange for exclusive content and well, good karma for helping an artist you like along.

Masterclass– Online classes tailored for all levels. It’s not one-to-one mentorship, but the classes are thorough and the artists count some of the biggest names in the industry!

☞ SquareSpace– SquareSpace can help you build an e-commerce site to help you sell your art to consumers.

☞– The Design society offers free publications, networking events and seminars, job opportunities and special interest groups for designers to use! The downside is that membership isn’t free.

☞– A dance specific blog that provides tips and tricks for all dancers looking to begin their professional careers.

☞ Your local library- You know, those wonderful book-filled community pillars! If you’re a visual learner, libraries have loads of free books, sometimes even university textbooks on certain topics.

Yes Montreal – Youth employment services for entrepreneurs, creative and business, with access to coaching, workshops and many more resources.

Youtube– Another duh, but tonnes of talented artists are devoting their time to teach fellow artists for free via instructional videos. They also have, with tips for growing your own personal channel and gaining recognition.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep changing the list as we keep finding more and more, and would love to hear from you if you think we’ve missed anything, or have some suggestions.


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